New chainguide installation on a YT Tues Al

After a couple of years it is usual business that chainguide is dead ! Here are a few shots of a chainguide change procedure (e-thirteen LG1 suitable to ISCG-05 standard).

  1. Chain & Crankset removals
    View of the current chainguide. The chainguide has upper guide and lower guide wheel lost and bashguard particularly used.

    For the chain find the smart link and unlock it. For the crankset use the proper tool.

    Chain Smart link (redcircled).
  2. Broken Chainguide Removal

    Unscrew the the three bolts. Do not lose the washers : they could be reuse.

    Crankset removed.

  3. LG1 Chainguide

    Carefully read what’s inside the box !

  4. LG1 Chainguide Installation
  5. Chain ring change 😉

    It a good idea when fine tuning chain guide accurately if it is not time to change chain ring also : here a 36T swith to a 30T Race Face Narrow Wide chain ring. The narrow wide patent allows to remove upper chain guide with confidence. Not shown on the pictures the bash guard can be switched to the smaller one that comes with the e-thirteen LG1 box.

Enjoy your ride !


Gwin signs with YT

One week after the tragical death of Kelly McGarry YT had to comment a more pleasant news today : Aaron Gwin will ride a TUES for the 2016 DH Campaign !

Gwin 2016 – TUES.

Aaron will have young Spanish rider Angel Suarez as teammate.

YT website banner to celebrate Aaron venue.

mtbdhldscapes posted a few months some pictures of the TUES Al

Be sure as declared a few weeks ago Aaron will be eager to significantly improve the mountainbike he will ride this season.

Gwin farewell to Specialized

Happy new year to everybody ! 2016 promises to be special year for DH : maybe the richest Team of the paddock is the center of the news at the moment and it seems like and ever heard story…

Specialized Truck at Andorra Worlds – 2015.

Yes it sounds like Sam Hill enf of 2012 farewell to Specialized. DH legends need fresh bikes regularly.

Nevertheless it seems to be first time ever in downhill that a pilot publicly declared to be underpaid. A fact that lead Specialized and Aaron Gwin to separate their work december 31st 2015. We won’t see anymore Gwin with Specialized shirt.

Aaron Gwin with Specialized shirt at last Worlds in Andorra – 2015.

There are rumors now which bikes brand will contract Continue reading