Vallnord UCI Round #4 – Race

Troy Brosnan is back ! At least a 2nd World Cup win for the australian pilot ! The race was stuning : after Danny Hart impressive run who would have thought it could be improve twice ?!? Greg Minnaar and Troy Brosnan did. Pompon is back is business also !

Danny emmbedded cam at race day : fasten your seat belt !

Leogang – World Cup DH #3


Gwin is back ranking 1st after more than one year without top podium !


2017 will be tigh is this sure. Loris pushed hard : enough to reach 2nd before his teammate Greg Minnaar but not sufficient to win a first World Cup Round !


In women elite category nor Tahnee neither Manon reached to beat Tracey Hannah.

Put yourself in this guys shoes... Feels kinda okay being the best doesn't it?

Best wishes to Rémi Thirion after his qualiying massive crash (collar bone).

Fort William – World Cup DH #2

Impressive win from Greg Minnaar : 7th win in Fort Bill for him ! He is the first downhill mtb pilot ever to reach 20 Round victories ! Overall results here. Jack Moir 2nd what a surprise ! Aaron Gwin 3rd. Marcelo Guttiérrez and Rémi Thirion complete the podium. Huge disappointment for Danny Hart after a crash in the most technical section in the woods.


In woman due to Rachel Atherton injury : Tracey Hannah won. Myriam Nicole 2nd.


Leogang UCI Round #4 – Race

2nd win of the 2016 campaign for Aaron Gwin.

Leogang was also the theater of a great run for Loris Vergier finishing 2nd. This a good result after having qualifying 2nd yesterday.

Qualifying in peloton mode.

His qualifying time had be estimated dubtful because he could have been pulled out by Ratboy but not al all : Loïc Bruni ‘s Specialized Gravity teammate is a great rider and realized his best UCI World Cup result ever !

Troy Brosnan finished 3rd. Danny Hart and Greg Minnaar complete the podium.

Fort William UCI Round #3 – Race

Impressive Greg Minnaar win in Fort Bill : his 19th UCI World Cup win !

Dusty track in Fort William leads to some big crashes : George Brannigan at the bottom of the track and Gee Atherton at the top to quote the most recordable !

It seems stretching Santa Cruz V10 bike let Greg feel more comfortable : have a look to some technical data here.

Team Syndicate at practive with Steve Peat.

Peaty took part to his last World Cup 😦

Fort William UCI Round #3

Race will take place on Sunday 5th June. Finals start at 14:30pm Fort Bill time.

Fort William landscape.

The Race will be the opportunity to Steve Smith Memorial Run.

Maybe first time ever dust is announced !

Greg Minnaar last year succesful run for the pleasure of an uncomparable smooth style…

Have  a look to some nice pictures here.