Fort William – World Cup DH #2

Impressive win from Greg Minnaar : 7th win in Fort Bill for him ! He is the first downhill mtb pilot ever to reach 20 Round victories ! Overall results here. Jack Moir 2nd what a surprise ! Aaron Gwin 3rd. Marcelo Guttiérrez and Rémi Thirion complete the podium. Huge disappointment for Danny Hart after a crash in the most technical section in the woods.


In woman due to Rachel Atherton injury : Tracey Hannah won. Myriam Nicole 2nd.



Fort William UCI Round #3 – Race

Impressive Greg Minnaar win in Fort Bill : his 19th UCI World Cup win !

Dusty track in Fort William leads to some big crashes : George Brannigan at the bottom of the track and Gee Atherton at the top to quote the most recordable !

It seems stretching Santa Cruz V10 bike let Greg feel more comfortable : have a look to some technical data here.

Team Syndicate at practive with Steve Peat.

Peaty took part to his last World Cup 😦

Fort William UCI Round #3

Race will take place on Sunday 5th June. Finals start at 14:30pm Fort Bill time.

Fort William landscape.

The Race will be the opportunity to Steve Smith Memorial Run.

Maybe first time ever dust is announced !

Greg Minnaar last year succesful run for the pleasure of an uncomparable smooth style…

Have  a look to some nice pictures here.