His number racer #3 in Vallnord 2013 was the mtbddownhilllandscapes website banner  since the beginning…

Monday May 10th 2016 the so sad news that Steve SMITH had passed away in his hometown in Canada spread MTB Cycling World. Steve died at 26. He was one of the most talented downhill pilot of the circuit that lead him to World Cup overall win in 2013 after ranking 1st for last Rounds #4 in Mont Saint Anne, #5 in Hafjell and #6 in Leogang. Hereafter shot in Vallnord Round #3 at the summum of his art and talent.

Stevie - Vallnord - 2013.
Stevie – Vallnord – 2013.

After breaking his ankle 3 times he was back to the top ranking #2 in Lourdes one month ago.

Stevie - Lourdes - 2016.
Stevie – Lourdes – 2016.

Paddock will miss him a lot.

There is not much riders that can pretend having contributed to mountain-bike donwhill racing as Stevie did for materials improvements, legendary races runs or some nice videos in amazing landscapes. His contribution to Follow Me is to remember.

Stevie’s Leogang 2013 race run is an impressive piece of concentration, confidence, smoothness & speed : the perfect race run.

RIP Steve ‘The Canadian Chainsaw’ Smith.


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