Gwin farewell to Specialized

Happy new year to everybody ! 2016 promises to be special year for DH : maybe the richest Team of the paddock is the center of the news at the moment and it seems like and ever heard story…

Specialized Truck at Andorra Worlds – 2015.

Yes it sounds like Sam Hill enf of 2012 farewell to Specialized. DH legends need fresh bikes regularly.

Nevertheless it seems to be first time ever in downhill that a pilot publicly declared to be underpaid. A fact that lead Specialized and Aaron Gwin to separate their work december 31st 2015. We won’t see anymore Gwin with Specialized shirt.

Aaron Gwin with Specialized shirt at last Worlds in Andorra – 2015.

There are rumors now which bikes brand will contract Aaron : many top teams are quoted ; shortlist include YT, Giant, Scott, GT and Syndicates Santa Cruz. Aaron told to he would appreciated to take part to the bike development as he did in the past with Specialized, TREK, and Yeti ; its former bikes.

Specialized DH Team Bike – 2015.

He knows he leaves an unbelievable fast bike that had no counterpart 2015 in the paddock and leads him to 4 wins out of 7 World Cup Rounds.

Specialized DH Bike for Andorra Worlds – 2015.

It is impossible to know what the future DH World Cup will looks for Aaron but one thing is sure : the Specialized leads him to an amazing unchained victory this year in Leogang.

For mtbdhldscapes it is a very brave decision for Aaron : probably in order to go for a rainbow jersey win after another failed attempt in Andorra last season. Moreover may be it could be a challenge to be the pilot with the highest number of World Cup Round wins.

Overall World Cup Round wins – 2015.

Sure that if there are talks about what bike Aaron will ride 2016 there are also many rumors about who could come to replace him now Troy Brosnan has been left alone : it could be someone who has already won a rainbow jersey but no World Cup Round !… Wait and seee !…



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