After many years of usage this Sunn 1999 Radical+ was retired from service this summer.

SUNN - 1999 Radical +
Sunn – 1999 Radical+

Its successor will be presented in another post on this site. Main reason for retirement was the two many cracks on the steel frame.

The bike had been assembled beginning of the 2000’s with a Sunn 1999 Radical+ baseline frame set. Appropriated welding work allow up to this summer to use it with actual standard D=200mm disc brakes (quite uncommon for the old school bikes).  Moreover the installation of rear tire Muddy Mary in its higher 26 x 2,5″ section was a pit due to the friction with the lower basis bars.

Nowadays all mtb dh bikes have rear suspension with virtual pivot. Real pivot suspension designs are almost not used anymore.


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